• Accelerated Free Fall Training in Spain

Take your course abroad and you get the great opportunity to combine a holiday with achieving a British license. These trips are a lot of fun and you can make friends for life as you mix and get to know the people you train with.

Generally the weather is better abroad and allows us to get the course finished quickly but there are no guarantees since occasionally even in Spain the weather can be unpredictable. In these cases you are assured that “Gojump at The AFF School” will continue to look after you on your return to the UK. Please be cautious of Foreign Clubs that advertise British AFF courses abroad since there are no clubs abroad that are members of the BPA and they can’t issue you British Licences, see our FAQ’s for further details.

Normally we go abroad during the winter months and for a 7 to 10 day stretch using Drop Zones “DZ’s” in Spain. We use the best equipment, BPA instructors and occasionally have local staff assist us. All the DZ’s have interesting towns and places to visit, a good nightlife etc.

We don’t charge any more than we would in the UK for the AFF course, the only additional cost is positioning at the foreign DZ. The overall cost depends on how much you want to spend and how many are in the group; generally we go for minimum of 4 students per trip. The whole trip is done as a package with our partners “AFF Abroad” the course and standards are closely monitored by our chief instructor so you get the same level of safety as in the UK. Most of the instructors are flown out especially for you and will accompany you on the journey to the DZ and teach you on the AFF course.

Package Costs: Add £550 to £750 to the standard course rate. 

This covers flights, hotel, car, transfers and few complimentary beers.

Our next Abroad course is in Spain 11 to 18 September 2017.