Go Jump “The AFF School” is a full time professional skydiving and parachute training school providing “AFF” skydiving and parachute courses in the North of England.

The school is run by an ex national champion and directed by a British Parachute Association “BPA” advanced instructor examiner.

We run parachute and skydiving training courses for jumpers in the North, the North East of England and Scotland. Based in County Durham, our Accelerated Free Fall training course “AFF” will give you a full parachuting license in as little as 7 days and you will get personal and expert tuition from a “Go Jump” instructor.

The school operates as part of the Peterlee Parachute club. We are open April to November in the UK and in the winter we run skydiving courses in Spain.

Our mission is to provide fun quality training for our AFF students throughout the course and then onwards to the “A” and “B” license, thereby facilitating full and proper interrogation into the club and British licensing system.

You can buy a Skydiving gift voucher for your family or friends or go to our “Book Now” page to secure a place on a course.

This course is designed to take you straight into skydiving , there is no need to make a Tandem Jump first but if you have already made a Tandem charity jump then you are welcome to continue your parachute training with us.


Having completed my A-license requirements, I did my continuation training with Gojump at The AFF School, who coached me to my FS1!

It was great to have such a supportive environment to continue learning my skydiving skills, and I found it fun and rewarding!

Olivia, Masters Psychology Student

I did my levels 1-8 at “Gojump at The AFF school” in one day. My instructors were so easy going it made the course so much fun and easy to learn!

Top professionals. I have now done my 10 consolidation jumps and have my A license. Thanks guys!

Paul, 42, LGV Driver

Gojump at The AFF School not only helped me pass the course, but also made me fall in love with the sport thanks to encouragement, imaginative instruction and professional coaching! I was impressed with facilities and the opportunities to get loads of jumps in just one weekend! Can’t wait to come and jump at Peterlee again!

Evelina Overlingaite

I completed my AFF training in Australia a few years prior and hadn’t managed to jump since so I chose to undergo re-training with “Gojump at The AFF School.” It was a fantastic experience from the offset. The instructors were extremely friendly, knowledgeable, professional and fun. The training they gave left me feeling confident and well prepared to start skydiving again!

Hemal, Financial Services