Most people are fit enough to jump so providing you can sign the declaration of fitness to parachute then you should be fine.  We have an advisory weight limit of 16 stone, a minimum age of 16 and upper age limit of 55.

What is the risk?

All parachute clubs follow a set of rules and regulations requiring proper training and standards, these are usually set by the clubs affiliation and in our case by the BPA or the USPA. If you follow these rules then you minimise the risk.


Membership of the BPA gives you 3rd party liability insurance but it does not cover personal accident insurance. Most people don’t bother with extra medical or accident insurance when jumping in the UK but that is up to you.  In Spain and as a EU citizen you may be entitled (in an emergency) to have “NHS type” treatment by the local medical services.  Some people choose to take out private top up insurance when abroad and we advise you to seriously consider this option. If jumping in the USA we require you have medical insurance and this can be bought through specialist brokers online.

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