“A” license requirements:


  • Completion of a standard AFF course.
  • Completion of 10* consolidation jumps.
  • Canopy Handling “CH 1” Course (lesson, test, and practical assessment).
  • Endorsement by qualified instructor.
  • Endorsement by BPA Advanced Instructor.
  • BPA membership.


  • Completion of a standard AFF course.
  • Minimum of 25* jumps.
  • Canopy handling practical test
  • Equipment Skills, Aircraft and Spotting Skills, Emergency Review
  • Endorsement by USPA Instructor.

Gojump at The AFF School can provide all the above and in addition as part of our Gold Standard course we will include (in preparation for your B license and integration back into your local club):

  • Packing lessons
  • BPA jumpmaster brief
  • Safety brief
  • BPA spotting brief
  • Flight line checking
  • CH 1 and 2 course
  • Packing
  • A and B license training
  • The issue of your BPA “A” license
  • Provision of a pack of 10 consolidation jumps


Normally on completion of the AFF course you will make about 10 jumps either solo or under instructor supervision.  These jumps will consolidate and develop your skills, give you confidence and if necessary can be completed at another parachute club. All these licences are recognised worldwide.