Accelerated Free Fall “AFF” really means Accelerated Learning, it is a professional one to one, 8 jump skydiving course designed for the average person. You start jumping with two instructors then with one and finally at the end of the course you will be able to freefall alone, perform turns, somersaults, tracking, then open your parachute and steer it to the landing area.

So What Makes Us So Special?

At “Gojump at The AFF School” we have policy of fully-integrated training, there are no add-ons or omissions and we use the best equipment.  You can make just one jump as a fun and satisfying alternative to a Tandem or take the full course.

The standard AFF course is recognised worldwide but it only gives you the basics.  Before you can receive an “A” license to become an independent jumper and off “student status” you will need 10 more jumps, further training in such things as packing, equipment checks, advanced canopy-handling skills along with written examinations, instructor endorsements and various certificates and we provide this as part of the Gold Standard Course (or as modules if you prefer to pay jump by jump).

But don’t worry – these are simple and straightforward to achieve!

Many other AFF schools do not provide these as standard but at “Gojump at The AFF School” we will ensure that all this is available to you. This will save you the extra costs and common difficulties encountered by students who attend a “AFF only” course and subsequently have problems being accepted at other parachute clubs and this is particularly true if you train abroad and without BPA certified instructors.

Many of our students tell us that completing the AFF course is one of the most rewarding and fun experiences ever!

How Long Does It Take?

The Basic AFF course is 8 levels and given ideal weather conditions this can be done over 2 good weather days. However you should be prepared to return at your convenience should the weather be unsuitable. Add an extra 3 good weather days for the Gold standard course. We also run the “all-inclusive” courses in Spain and the USA, you can finish your course with us there if you wish.

Packages We Offer

The Explorer Package Course (L1)

This is a fun and satisfying alternative to a Tandem jump which allows you to enjoy the full skydiving experience. You will wear your own parachute with all the gadgets, get properly trained and jump with two instructors.

If the bug bites you and you want to get your licence this jump will be considered a Level 1 and you may continue your training at AFF level 2.

8 Jump AFF Course

  • All AFF training (including Level 8)
  • 8 Jumps, equipment, packing and instructor fees
  • 30 day BPA membership (unlimited jumps)

Gold BPA Full Licence Course

  • All AFF training (including Level 8)
  • 8 Jumps, equipment, packing and instructor fees
  • Canopy Handling Course “CH” 1 and 2
  • Packing lessons
  • “A and B ” licence ground school (Jump-master, brief etc)
  • BPA “A” licence issued
  • 30 day BPA membership
  • 10 Jump Consolidation Pack (all gear and instruction)
  • Log book
  • 2 Internal Videos and a USB stick
  • Your own set of Goggles
  • Free T Shirt
  • Free Bumper Sticker

Additional Information

You can check out the student videos on YouTubeterms and conditionsfitness requirements, license requirements, our FAQ, wind tunnel trainingUSA and Spain trips or contact us for additional information!