What is a Tandem Jump?

Tandem parachuting offers a quick introduction to parachuting using a dual harness system and Tandem jumpers who are bitten by the bug normally move onto AFF.

What about Charity Tandem Parachute Jumps?

This is a very common way for people to get a free or cheap jump and that is by getting a sponsor to pay their jump and with any extra monies (once the jump is paid for) going to charity.

What is a Parachuting Agency?

Parachute agencies are not parachute clubs they are 3rd party “middlemen” who typically advertise tandem parachute jumps via a website and after deducting their fee pass the customer onto a certified parachute club, were they pay for and jump as any other customer/student would. Some agencies are well established (examples below) and are supported by legitimate charities and there are other operators with a good website but unfortunately are not well established.

  • Buy a Gift
  • Virgin Experience Days
  • Skyline Parachuting

Do I have to make a Tandem Jump before I do AFF?

No you don’t need do a Tandem jump before you start AFF since the AFF program is designed to take people off the street and into the air from jump number 1.  Around 15% of our students have made a tandem jump beforehand and there is no harm in that but bear in mind that very little useful training takes place on tandem so generally our advice is too save your money and get straight into AFF.

What if I really want to try a tandem jump?

You can fill out this simple contact form. We will send your details to our on site partner the “Peterlee Parachute Club” and they will arrange a Tandem jump with you.

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