What is a wind tunnel?

A wind tunnel is most easily described as indoor skydiving.  You are enclosed in a vertical column of air that lifts you up and simulates skydiving. The main operator in the UK is AirKix “iFly” and we have arrangements with them for AFF student training.

The body position, stability and maneuvering skills you learn in a wind tunnel very closely mimic that of real free-fall. The advantage of “tunnel training” is that the tunnel is not “weather dependent” and is always open.

Is the wind tunnel needed for AFF?

Wind tunnel training is not needed for AFF. In fact the vast majority of skydivers never used a wind tunnel before making their AFF first jump. A skydive is made up of many different parts, including the theoretical course, getting “geared up”, the plane ride, freefall, the parachute ride and of course the landing.  A wind tunnel can only simulate the freefall aspect of your jump.

That said “tunnel training” can provide extra confidence and ease the learning of some skydiving skills.

When you book your AFF course we will discuss the use of the wind tunnel with you and whether not it’s appropriate.

Can “Gojump at The AFF School” provide wind tunnel training?

Yes we can provide discounted specialized tunnel training and it’s a real advantage to have a your own skydiving instructor with you to a wind tunnel. Prices vary depending on the time of day but plan for around £18 a minute (including coaching) and 20/30 minutes of “tunnel time’ flying over a 4 hour session